Not only are wildfires dangerous

But they are the cause of billions of dollars in damages and repairs every year. Every day you leave your business, investments, and assets unprotected is another day closer to losing them. Fire Brake Solutions offers affordable protection.

"That’s a really good idea especially around here. Let me reach out to a couple of people."

$306 Billion in destruction in 2017

In 2017, wildfires burned over half of a million acres and destroyed over 8,700 homes, businesses, and other structures in just California alone. 

1 in 3 acres

1 in 3 acres of forestland burned from wildfire in 2017 was privately owned.

Not prepared?

When you’re not prepared, you’re at risk of losing so much more than a building or plot of land—you’re losing business.

Stop playing a game of odds. When you protect the sanctity of your business, you can stress less in the face of emergency.

Don't put your business at risk when you can solve your security problem quickly. We make it easy.

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Fire Brake Solutions is a company dedicated to the safety of its community, professionals, and loved ones. We know the devastation wildfires wreak on vegetation, homes, and families, which is why we have developed a solutions-based product line to secure and offer peace of mind to individuals living and/or fighting in dangerous fire zones.