To maximize the protection of your home and vehicles from wildfires, pair your Flame Brake™ with Emberella™. Using the same patented technology, Emberella™ covers:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Small Structures (like sheds and carports)
  • Hedges
  • And more!

Emberella™ 3000 withstands temperatures up to 3000°F for up to 5 minutes of continuous exposure and is most effective against low to medium brush (up to approximately ¼” diameter) fires that take longer to burn.

We are more than happy to accommodate custom orders, contact us for a free quote.

Order more than 1 and receive an automatic 10% discount
If you are a firefighter, contact us for a special discount code to receive 20% off your order.


Emberella™ incorporates the patented technology of the Flame Brake™ 3000 but on a smaller scale. Emberella™ protects your car, motorcycle, RV, hedges, hillside and smaller structures like tool sheds and carports from flying embers.

Each order is custom made to fit your vehicle or property. If you’re in need of a size not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

How does it work?

Emberella™ is like a car cover but made of a material that protects what it covers from flying embers. The material’s edges are lined with Flame Brake™ technology that traps and starves fire of the oxygen it needs. Emberella™ acts as a barrier that fire cannot pass through and diminishes it until it is snuffed out.

How to deploy Emberella™ 

Setting up Emberella™ is as easy as putting a tarp or car cover over your vehicle. Position the product over the vehicle or structure needing to be protected. Make sure the covers are flush with the ground on all edges. Secure the corners and middle with stakes, large rocks or other heavy nonflammable weights to prevent winds from lifting up the cover.

Once deployed, no additional human assistance is needed. This allows you to focus on more important things like evacuating your family to safety.

How to measure your vehicle or property (hillside configuration)

Step 1.
Determine if the cover needed is 2D or 3D. For example, a hillside cover is 2D and is measured simply by Length x Width, whereas a car or RV cover is 3D and accounts for Length x Width x Height.

Step 2.
Measure the area to be covered at the longest length, width, and if needed, height. When taking measurements for a 3D cover, you’ll want the highest point of the item such as a roof rack, antenna, or anything else protruding from the top of the item. The height measurement will go from the top of the item all the way to the ground.

  • After you take measurements for a 3D cover, we will add 3 feet in every direction so that the cover does not rest against the vehicle. This is done to reduce the thermal exposure of the softer materials, like rubber and plastics, will experience when the cover is ultimately overrun by the advancing ground fire.

Paired with the Flame Brake™ system, the flames will be reduced significantly and will pass under the skirt section that ties into the Emberella™ cover section around the vehicle or shed forming a tent. This ‘tent’ can withstand the flames, embers, and a significant amount of the radiant heat which is dissipated between the ground skirt section 3 feet in front and the vertical walls 3 feet out from a vehicle, or small structure.

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