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Too many homes, firefighters and communities are at risk every day.
We are interested in licensing partnerships to reach them quickly!

“Estimates of the number of apparatus and stations in the United States for the 2016–2018 period indicate that there were 72,100 pumpers, 7,400 aerial apparatuses, 80,900 other suppression vehicles (e.g., pumpers less than 1,000 gpm, brush vehicles, tankers), 50,700 other vehicles (e.g., rescue, lighting, and ambulance)"

US Fire Department Profile - 2018 - NFPA

Help stop the devastation of rampant fires.

Watch our test videos here. 

Your Growth Opportunity

    • License 3 US utility patents proven by 3rd party fire testing lab results
    • Configurations to protect fire fighting equipment, people, homes, and personal property
    • Market opportunities with professional firefighters, fire departments, property owners and individuals
    • Proven effective by an independent, third-party professional fire science lab (testing videos available)
    • Reduces radiant heat significantly
    • Works without electricity or water
    • Suppresses fires to near zero within a 10-foot distance
    • Simple and quick-to-deploy
    • Reusable in many instances
    • Can protect an estimated 1,115,000 career and volunteer firefighters 
    • Production tooling designs available
    • Cost-effective production methods for healthy profit margins

The Idea That Turned Fire Around

Skip Hutton ~ Inventor

Our founder, Skip Hutton, is a husband and father of three children he adores. Naturally he’s always thinking of ways to ensure the safety of his entire family. Living in Southern California his whole life has meant enduring nerve-wrecking, scary fire seasons that just seem to be getting more devastating every year. 

Then in the summer of 2012 a flash of inspiration brought an innovative solution. What if there was a way to stop fire in its tracks?

That’s when our first product, Flame Brake, was born. 

After the mega-fires in 2018, we were contacted to collaborate on briefing for the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth about the impact and prevention of large scale fires.     Read more about our story…

How Firebrake Solutions’ Innovation Started

“I was watching a news report on a local brush fire. Firefighters were struggling to get close enough to suppress it, but the heat was just too much. The cameraman panned the scene and that’s when I realized that homes filled with precious memories and belongings were threatened. There just had to be a simple solution to allow firefighters an opportunity to get closer to a wildfire or to help a homeowner defend his property safely.”  Skip Hutton

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Whether you manufacture fire equipment or home protection products, we are interested in exploring licensing with you!

Our robust portfolio of intellectual property adds products to your existing business. It will add more revenue from each and every account.

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Fire Brake Solutions is a company dedicated to the safety of its community, professionals, and loved ones. We know the devastation wildfires wreak on vegetation, homes, and families, which is why we have developed a solutions-based product line to secure and offer peace of mind to individuals living and/or fighting in dangerous fire zones.