It Only Takes a Single Wildfire

When you're not prepared, you're at risk—at risk of losing your home, memorabilia, precious valuables, or worse, a loved one. Let us help you protect what you value most.

you have 30 minutes

to gather your most valuable belongings before evacuating to the nearest shelter.

30 minutes… under pressure… under stress… in a panic.

Just 30 minutes to choose the MOST IMPORTANT items.
What do you pack?

You quickly grab the things that come to mind immediately:

cell phone, charger, some clothes, some basic hygiene products — and begin shoving them into a bag. You frantically scan the rooms of the house, searching for other items you’re forgetting and add them to the bag.

You yell out to the kids reminding them of the essentials to pack and then you all load into the car.

That's when it sinks in...

“Is there anything else I can do to protect my home and what I must leave behind? I may come back to NOTHING.”

The anxiety starts churning in your stomach and it reminds you that you can’t bring everything. Doubt sets in and you begin wondering if you packed the right things. This overwhelming sensation washes over you like you’re forgetting something.


But there’s not enough time or space to get all the baby pictures, heirlooms, jewelry, and memorabilia you’ve collected over a lifetime. Every hard penny you’ve earned, every memory shared in the home you’ve built, every “first”… all left in the hands of fate.

These are things that a cold insurance check can’t cover.

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And quickly bring fire to its knees!

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Fire Brake Solutions is a company dedicated to the safety of its community, professionals, and loved ones. We know the devastation wildfires wreak on vegetation, homes, and families, which is why we have developed a solutions-based product line to secure and offer peace of mind to individuals living and/or fighting in dangerous fire zones.