When one loses, the community loses

The best communities are formed by groups of people who care for one another and their homes. When one member faces hardship, others share in their pain. Unite against the destruction of wildfires—invest in a plan of community safety with Fire Brake Solutions.

"An elegant solution to a serious problem."

One wildfire

It only takes a single wildfire to burn down neighborhoods and steal with it schools, parks, and businesses. Not only are they dangerous, but they are the cause of billions of dollars in damages and repairs every year.

Function of community

Every community rests on the foundation of union and common purpose. It is through the collaboration of many that a difference can be made. A whole neighborhood that plans for the unthinkable stands a better chance at security than those that don’t. Form a plan. Take action. Protect the community. 

That’s all it takes to save hundreds of homes, schools, and businesses.

Part of your community

We’re more than a company dedicated to fire safety, we’re part of your community. We care about the security of our customers and the communities around us. That’s why we regularly raise awareness about fire safety, participate in volunteer opportunities, and partner with emergency response teams.

Communities that plan together, solve together.

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Fire Brake Solutions is a company dedicated to the safety of its community, professionals, and loved ones. We know the devastation wildfires wreak on vegetation, homes, and families, which is why we have developed a solutions-based product line to secure and offer peace of mind to individuals living and/or fighting in dangerous fire zones.