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Crown City Network Interview

Learn more about Fire Brake Solution’s esteemed product, Flame Brake™, in this interview between Skip Hutton (owner/inventor) and the CCN team.

As you can see from the following videos, a pair of teens can deploy Flame Brake™ in just a minute.

Laboratory Testing

In this video from the testing laboratory, 10ft high flames pushed by 10 MPH winds were tested to note the efficiency of Flame Brake™. Notice the ball of newspaper at the end did not burn due to flames or radiant heat. Temperatures reached 2140 °F.

Thermal Laboratory Testing

In this video, we share with you the thermal imaging that captures the degree of heat from the lab testing video.

Control Burn Experiment

In this experiment, we tested the burn rate without any form of protection, then used those same conditions to test against the effectiveness of Flame Brake™.

Control Burn

Flame Brake™ Burn

Outdoor Testing

Large-scale testing of unprotected fuel used as a control sample to measure the effectiveness of the pattern when used.

Control Test

Product Test
IR Temperature Readings


Large-scale testing of the 2 samples covering a section of fuel 18″ long and 15″ wide. Note the ball of newspaper 1 foot off the back edge did burn, but the ball of newspaper 3 feet behind the back end didn’t burn. Adjustments were made to the back skirt length from 18″ wide to 3’6 wide after this test. After reviewing the results and making the skirt adjustment, something 1 foot away from the back edge will not burn—even a ball of paper. This test proves the slowing and suppressing capability to reduce the flames down to inches instead of feet, and the ability to reduce the superheated air in front of a fire in the form of radiant heat that kept a ball of newspaper from burning.

Ember Storm Test Highlights

Wildfire Prevention

Defensible Space

CA Fire Hazard Severity Zones

If you live in California, review the map and follow this link to review your county.


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