About Fire Brake Solutions

Learn more about Fire Brake Solutions and the owner/inventor, Skip Hutton.

about Fire brake solutions

Fire Brake Solutions is company dedicated to the safety and protection of homes, belongings, animals, and especially the lives of those living or fighting fires in dangerous fire zones around the world. After seeing the devastation a wildfire can cause, owner and inventor, Skip Hutton, set out on a mission to design a portable fire line that would act as a barrier between homes and the vicious flames and embers of wildfires.

Through his remarkable studying and innovation, Skip designed the first product of its kind — Flame Brake™, a cover that is placed on the ground and rolled out around the perimeter of your house to create a barrier between your property and fire. These patented technologies are now used in a variety of products within the Fire Brake Solutions product line.

about skip

Meet the Owner

As a husband and father of three, Skip Hutton, is always thinking of ways to ensure the safety of his family. He has lived in Southern California all of his life, so it’s no surprise that him and his family have grown accustom to two of the most devastating natural disasters—earthquakes and wildfires. 

It was an “ah-ha” moment that happened in the summer of 2012.

I was watching a news report on a local brush fire. Firefighters were struggling to get close enough to suppress it, but the heat was just too much. The cameraman panned the scene and that’s when I realized that homes filled with precious memories and belongings were threatened. There just had to be a simple solution to allow firefighters an opportunity to get closer to a wildfire or to help a homeowner defend his property safely.

A short time later, Fire Brake Solutions was born, bringing peace of mind and security back to the people.

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Fire Brake Solutions is a company dedicated to the safety of its community, professionals, and loved ones. We know the devastation wildfires wreak on vegetation, homes, and families, which is why we have developed a solutions-based product line to secure and offer peace of mind to individuals living and/or fighting in dangerous fire zones.