Company foundation and motto

“Bringing fires to its knees”

Firebrake Solutions is about family, specifically about protecting and saving your homes when the most dangerous harm out there threatens your place, your memories, a part of your lifes that couldn’t be replaced if lost.

We were born with that idea in mind a few years ago, and we commit to this purpose to help others in this endeavour against the wildfire that happens in California, and other states of USA.

In summary, we help to protect structures without water, chemicals or human interaction with a patented Fire Suppression Tool for Fire Agencies, Homeowners and Businesses.

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Firebrake Solutions CEO

Father, worker, businessman and entrepreneur

“As owner of Fire Brake Solutions, I would like to say a little about myself and my product to give you a sense of who I am and what influenced me to create my company.

As someone who has lived in So. California all my life; I’ve come to expect, prepare, and have grown accustom to two of the most devastating natural disaster scenarios a person can possibly face. Earthquakes and wildfires. Unfortunately, they are and will always be a part of the California lifestyle.

Growing up I developed a strong desire to help others. In my jobs, I’ve always looked for ways to do things better and help others work more efficiently which has been recognized year after year by my employers and managers

As a husband and father of 3 teenage daughters, I am always looking for ways to be a better provider for my family. A sentiment I’m sure most parents would agree they share also. That drive to do more and a personal desire to one day start my own business produced several ideas over the years that I noticed all center around helping others with various forms of protection.”

The Beginning of Firebrake Solutions

From spectator to business activist

“…In the summer of 2012 my desire and drive collided one day while I was watching a news story on T.V about a local

brushfire. The flames were very large and the firefighters did not have water they could use to fight the flames, and

would not fight the flames with their shovels because it was too hot to get close to. That was when I said to myself

someone should throw something down that will reduce the size of the flames so the firefighters can get closer to

control the fire.

Even though I didn’t know it at the time that was the beginning of Fire Brake Solutions. I began talking with a patent

attorney who said go prove my idea. That led me to Government and state agencies and using wind tunnels to prove

materials and then eventually a very simple pattern that worked extremely well was created. I had my prototypes

outdoor tested at a nationally recognized fire testing facility in Washington state to simulate the same flames that I saw

on T.V that were 15’-20’ high.”

From idea to reality

“I’ve had a newspaper article written and a small cable channel interview me about my idea, before it was on the market. Last November I received my utility patent for a product that requires no water, will function in 3000° F, slow and then stop a fire simply due to lack of required oxygen by laying it over brush or tall grasses and walking away.”

Designing a better way

“I’ve spent the last year designing, building, and testing a large customized press to quickly manufacture the product that eliminates 90% of the labor costs to help hold down the price to a customer. The remaining component of price is the specialized materials which are necessary for functioning properly during a brushfire.

I hope you see that my desire to help others is genuine and that the attention to detail put in this product is significant. “

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Skip Hutton

Owner – Fire Brake Solutions